• Bullionaire


    The better beaded manicure

  • french Dipped in sugar

    Dip your nails in Sugar!

    Our unique glitter blend is a show stopper

  • Exclamation Nail Art

    The Nail Art Pen

    Lets get creative!

  • Original Sugar Bullionaire manicure

    The Bullionaire Manicure

    Texture is a hot trend, click to see how ours looks better and lasts longer


    The Confetti Manicure

    Add a little glamour to your weekend nails

Nail Art by Original Sugar

Welcome to our Blog, here you will find lots of inspiration, ways to use your nail art, new techniques and more. We are here to give you more, so sign up to the newsletter and get involved, how us your nail art and join us on social media


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Five Manicure ideas to keep your nails looking great.

Everyone loves to have well manicured nails.   Of course, extravagance gives you a sassy edge, knowing people are ogling you hands as you get on with your daily chores. But sometimes it’s just as glamorous to stay natural, keeping your nails pure and simple. However, for this you still want to have nails that make

Mar 02, 2015 Admin

Product of the Week – Foils

At Original Sugar we sell so many diverse products, from the Bullionaire manicure to Embellishments. What we absolutely love at the moment is the Gold and silver foil. In the run up to Christmas everything around us is becoming more and more glitzy and glamorous, the foil fitting in perfectly for the trends right now. The

Nov 25, 2014 Admin

Autumn trends 2014

Autumn is probably my favourite season. You get to wear scarves everyday without strange looks, warm fires and hot chocolate. It seems this year the nail art trends are going to be just as exciting, ranging from light nudes to deep reds.   Nudes are, as usual, a favourite with many. This Autumn there is

Nov 12, 2014 Admin

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